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munchkin kittens for sale

Munchkin Kittens for Sale

Our Munchkin Kittens for sale are sold as Pets only without Breeding Rights. They are bred for lovable personalities, and Munchkins come in all colors and patterns including; including calico, pointed, tortoiseshell, tuxedo, tabby, bicolor, unique color markings. They have the long silky plush coat of the Persian and the open doll face expression.

Suppose you are looking for a forever best friend to cuddle and purr, sit on your lap or sleep on your bed. In that case, Munchkin Kittens Cattery offers a beautiful addition to your family. If you wish to breed, we have registered cats and kittens to produce happy, healthy offspring. The right selection is very important for the correct result. We have the experience and the knowledge to help in any situation.

Our PURR BABIES are a delight to own and make a special place in your family and home. They are so enjoyable to be with and such fun to watch as they develop and mature. Life is great from a kitten or a cat’s perspective. One is fun, and two are to play and have more fun!

Exceptional Quality

Munchkin cats and kittens of incomparable beauty in all colors, renowned around the world.



Breeding Munchkin cats submitted to a complete testing process to ensure their good health and that of their kittens.



Munchkin kittens made with love that will seduce you with their charming personality and endearing behavior.



Our family is passionate about breeding Munchkin cats. Since 2010, our mission has been to breed healthy Munchkin kittens with a look and behavior that will steal your heart! We have since built an international reputation as reliable breeders who produce some of the world's most beautiful Munchkin cats. We are a TICA certified cattery with experience in breeding Munchkin Kittens for sale and providing homes forever for our kittens worldwide.
All of our Munchkin cats and kittens are purebred and registered with The International Cat Association ( TICA ). We breed these Munchkin cat breed with extremely short legs and a long spine. The species may have long or short hair. Both varieties have plush, all-weather coats with a silky appearance. Suppose you want to buy a top-quality Munchkin Kittens that truly stands above all others. In that case, Munchkin Kittens Cattery is, without a doubt, the right choice for you.

Munchkin Kittens for Sale


Discover the irresistible kittens from the Munchkin cat breeder and see why they are so exceptional. You will find these cute little Sausage cats in all kinds of rare and spectacular colors. Who knows? You might even find the Munchkin kitten of your dreams!

The Munchkin kittens are typically a fun-loving cat who’s usually happy to play with kids, other cats, and even friendly dogs. He’s affectionate and tends to thrive on interaction. Munchkin kittens have petite bodies with short legs, thus their name. They come in long and short-haired varieties with an array of different colors and markings. They have such a unique body type that they are always conversing with when the company arrives. Munchkin kittens are incredibly affectionate and playful, making them a wonderful pet for any family.

What is a munchkin?

A standard munchkin is best described as a typical domestic cat that has short legs. These little guys are the wiener-dog of the cat world. They have a very playful nature and love to run and jump. Also, they tend to sit up rabbit-like to survey their surroundings. Munchkins can exhibit different traits and colors this is because they are bred with a variety of other breeds.

What is the difference between a standard munchkin and a non-standard?

A standard munchkin will have short legs, and the non-standard will have long legs and resemble a typical domestic cat. The other difference is that only the standard munchkin carries the munchkin gene; therefore, a non-standard cannot produce munchkin kittens unless they are bred with a standard munchkin.

Standard munchkins have short legs.

Non-Standard munchkins have long legs.

Munchkin Kittens For Sale & Cats For Adoption

Though they are small, they are mighty and active. Munchkins have a moderate to high activity level. They love to play but they also love to be toted around or curled up in your lap.

Testimonial _

Rupa & Everest (Kansas, USA)

We couldn’t be happier with our kitten and the whole experience of working with Munchkin Kittens Cattery. You can really see the care, love, and socialization that went into our baby’s life from birth until he came to us. He is adventurous and friendly with everyone! I would 100% go back to this breeder for any future additions to our family. We are so impressed and grateful! 

Rupa & Everest

Robyn, James, Shabba & Cherie (Texas, USA)

After over a year of research, a failed adoption attempt which resulted in a largely lost deposit, and inspecting seemingly every Munchkin breeder in North America, my husband and I decided upon Munchkin Kittens Cattery
. Initially, it was their professed values, quality of their cats, and business acumen (expressed via a highly functional website) that attracted us to them. After communicating with Sabrina for some time, however, we were convinced that this was the right place for us. She was responsive, honest, and genuinely concerned with finding the right Munchkin(s) for us even if it meant not having a cat for us for months. Here we are almost a year and two Bengals later and we still couldn’t be happier with our cats or the experience we had with Munchkin Kittens Cattery. She has continued to show her care for the cats and commitment to her customers through this entire process. Our little monsters are full Munchkin but also clearly display behaviors that indicate they were well raised with a great deal of love and attention. We are incredibly grateful to have found Munchkin Kittens Cattery. and have recommended them to our friends and family as a result.


Robyn, James, Shabba & Cherie

Rachel & Logan (New Jersey, USA)

I had a poor experience with a different breeder, culminating in a kitten who died at 15 weeks. When I asked for recommendations for a new breeder, Kirstin Wright (whose review appears below) suggested Munchkin Kittens Cattery. I am glad she did, because I have had a fantastic experience from start to finish. My kitten, Logan, is an absolute delight – I couldn’t be happier with him! He is everything a kitten should be

Rachel & Logan

Alex Day, Lumos & Nox (Californie, USA)

Lumos and Nox have added so much fun and love to my life! From the moment I picked them up, they have been energetic but lovable softies! They are growing into beautiful strong felines and their intellect is astounding! Both Lumos and Nox love to play. They can chase toys (and each other) for hours but they also love to cuddle. Every day they come and fall asleep in my lap on the couch and purr away. Lumos and Nox are the perfect brother-sister combo! They fight, play, and love each other unconditionally! Lumos is much more shy than Nox and I often hear him calling out for Nox and she will run to him instantly to make sure he’s okay! I truly love them so much and working with Sabrina was just fantastic. She is so nice and hardworking and I can tell Lumos and Nox were handled with all the love and care in the world before they came to me. Thank You!!!!!! Alex, Lumos, and Nox!

Alex Day, Lumos & Nox

Kirstin & Mighty (Floride, USA)

I cannot put into words how excellent this Munchkin Kittens Cattery conducts its business. Their breeding program is top-notch along with amazing customer service. You can tell they put their heart and soul into these kittens and maintain quality babies. This was my first Munchkin purchase and the hours Sabrina spent with me to ensure I had the right choice for my home along with endless advice has made our home a very happy Bengal home!!!! We currently now have 2 fur babies but once we are ready and have the energy for a third I know exactly where I will be getting her or him!!! 💜💜💜


Kirstin & Mighty

– Kylee, Dean & Darci (Iowa, USA)

Carolina was great to work with! She shipped our kittens to us in Iowa. They arrived as beautiful and healthy as can be! Would love to continue to do business with them in the future.

– Rachael & Finn (Washington, USA)

Working with Munchkin Kitten Cattery was a really good experience. I started looking long before I was ready for another kitten, just so I’d know who I wanted to work with. I’ve had Munchkin for the last 13 years, so I had a good idea of what I was looking for. They were always very quick to respond and kindly answered my many questions. They even made me a new set of pics and a video after I was already sure which kitten I wanted, which I’m sure was time-consuming. I never had a reason to worry or question anything. The process of getting my kitten was also very easy on my end. Since I’ve had him, they have checked in a few times to see how he’s doing. I can tell he was well-loved while he was there! I will definitely be returning for my next beautiful, furry troublemaker!

– Erica de Rogue Bengals & Zuko (Orégon, USA)

We chose one of MKC to be a stud for our program because of the amazing temperament, health and quality they produce. We were not disappointed at all. The moment we got him from the airport, he was so loving, affectionate, healthy, and full of energy like a kitten should be. MKC Sweet Munchkin does all the health testing we were looking for and socializes the kittens to their fullest potential. We are so pleased with our boy Carolina was so great and easy to work with.. Definitely recommend them.

– Chris & Calypso (Utah, USA)

Working with Carolina throughout the adoption process was incredibly easy! She did everything to make as smooth as possible. Our little Calypso is extremely lovable and sweet right from the start. Not to mention in pristine health! If anyone is looking to adopt a Munchkin, these guys are the best there is!!

– Mary & Kai (Massachusetts, USA)

After extensively reviewing the entire site and comparing what we saw to other breeder sites, and after visiting two breeders, we felt that MKC Sweet was the way to go. There are plenty of Munchkin breeders out there who don’t go the extra mile when it comes to all the considerations behind producing kittens that are outstanding in both features and personality traits. Wild ‘n’ Sweet is the exception. In addition, during every step of the way, we were extremely well treated as clients.

Since then, Kai has been a joyful addition to our family. Anyone who sees him is blown away. He is handsome beyond belief, highly intelligent, affectionate, and entertaining–a true Munchkin through and through. Every day as he grows older brings us new surprises, and we look forward to spending many years with him. We had a fantastic experience with MKC Sweet Munchkin and would recommend it highly without hesitation. We can’t wait to one day be able to work with Carolina again!

– Kayla & Nelly  (Ohio, USA)

Looking for a new cat from someone you may never meet can be scary and seem sketchy. I live in Ohio and I got my sweet kitten Nelly from MKC in December. Knowing there were miles and miles in-between us, Carolina made me feel very comfortable and secure with my purchase. She is so helpful and detailed in every aspect of purchasing a top-quality kitten. My Nelly is very sweet, smart, well socialized, and beautiful! Do not have any fears to go through Wild n Sweet. With all the scammers out there, I can assure you she is 1000% everything they promise to be. Highly highly recommend to EVERYONE! Thank you!


– Julietta & Presley (Maine, USA)

I am so in love with my sweet boy! He is amazing and loving and gets along with children, cats, and dogs. We bounded right away! And why not? Carolina definitely knows what she is doing. My favorite part is that mom and dad get to stay with their kittens right up to the point when they leave for their new homes! I have never come across anyone so accommodating. She walks you through every detail. Answers all the questions and concerns. Even teaches you about owning such a majestic animal. And unlike others, she makes sure that after you get your bundle of joy, you can still communicate with her. MKC A++ 😊

– Diane & Odessa (New York, USA)

We adopted Odessa and she is super sweet and beautiful!! She’s really smart and very playful, couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family.

– Christopher & Cristianna de Apex Bengals & Grizzly (Virginie, USA)

Hey Carolina! Just wanted to thank you again for our Grizzly he gets more beautiful each day. He’s about 6 months old now and is getting so big! He’s such a lover and plays so well with it other girls. Here are some photos of him to share.
Thank you again, ps. We will update you on his first litter when the time comes!

– Jackie, Zelda & Zoe (Michigan, USA)

Zelda and Zoe are the cutest! They follow me around and are both very affectionate. Very playful too. I love watching them hide then pounce on each other hehe these girls make us so happy. My boyfriend thanks me all the time for finding them they’re the sweetest girls. Both love to cuddle and sleep in our room. And They have the nicest personalities and temperament. We just love them!

– Lelita & Lesley (Maine, USA)

We were SO pleased with our experience with Carolina and her husband at MKC. Communication and professionalism were excellent and we were able to get our boy home quickly! They even drove to meet us so we didn’t have to do an 8 hr (one way) drive. MKC and our Hero have exceeded our expectations! This dedication is so appreciated and we would be happy to get another gorgeous Munchkin from them in the future. Highly recommend!

munchkin kittens for sale

All kittens are litter box trained. We specialize in blue eyed Munchkin in most colors including Solid White, Bicolor, Calico, and Color Point.


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